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  • Fluocaril Bi-Fluore 145 Mg 75 Ml Mint Flavour

    Fluocaril Bi-Fluoré Menta 145 mg 75 ml is a fluoride toothpaste that prevents caries and enamel erosion. It has an anti-tartar action, preventing the accumulation of bacterial plaque. It has a pleasant mint flavour. Reinforces the enamel forming a shield that protects it from acids. Ideal for complete oral hygiene.

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  • Fluocaril Bi-Fluore 145 Mg Gums 75 Ml

    Fluocaril Bi-Fluoré 145 Mg 75 ml is a toothpaste that helps reduce gum irritation and inflammation. Its antibacterial action prevents caries formation and supports gingival health. In addition, sodium fluoride strengthens the enamel and sodium monofluorophosphate protects it from food acids. It is suitable for people with sensitive gums.

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  • Fluocaril Bi-Fluore 250 125Ml

    Fluocaril Bi-fluor 250 is effective against dental caries. Its formula with a very high concentration of fluoride (2500 ppm), provides immediate and prolonged action, as the fluoride quickly adheres to the tooth enamel and remains fixed for a long time.

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  • Fluocaril Bi-Fluore 250 Duplo 2x125Ml

    Fluocaril Bi-Fluoré 250 is a toothpaste with a high concentration of fluoride specially formulated to prevent tooth decay. Fluoride is quickly and directly fixed on the enamel as well as on the dental plaque, acting for a long time, even after brushing. It also has an anti-tartar action and delays the appearance of plaque.

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  • Fluocaril Bi-Fluore Mouthwash With Fluoride Pack 2x500Ml

    Ideal for thorough teeth cleaning, Fluocaril Bi-Fluoride 25mg mouthwash helps remove dental plaque and tartar, leaving a refreshing mint flavour. With 250 ppm of fluoride, Fluocaril Bi-Fluoride mouthwash works in three different ways: it contributes to the reduction of dental plaque, participates in the remineralisation of enamel and prevents the...

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  • Fluocaril Dental Floss 30 M

    Fluoride-treated dental floss, developed with dental experts, effectively removes plaque in hard-to-reach interdental spaces and at the gumline for better oral hygiene and complete protection against caries.

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  • Fluocaril Junior 6-12 Years 2x75 Ml Bubble

    Fluocaril Junior 6-12 years Toothpaste is a chewing gum flavoured toothpaste designed for children aged 7-12 years. Its fluoride content (1450 ppm) helps prevent caries by strengthening the fragile enamel of the first permanent teeth.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 19 items