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  • Aquilea Fat Burner 15 Sticks

    A food supplement made with 8 natural extracts such as guarana, green tea and artichoke, which accelerate fat loss. Aquilea Fat Burner is a nutritional formula that helps accelerate the loss of measurements and fat in complicated areas such as the thighs, buttocks and abdomen. It can be used by women and men who want to recover or maintain their figure...

  • XLS Medical Forte 5 Nudge 180 Capsules

    The new XL-S Medical Forte 5 will help you lose up to 5 times more weight than just dieting thanks to its Okranol content that captures fat from food intake. It has 5 unique benefits: Decreases your BMI level, Reduces existing fat, reduces centimetres of hip and waist circumference. Healthy weight loss and results after one month. No added artificial...

  • Ns Lipoless 60 Tablets

    Food supplement that helps to reduce accumulated fat. Contains Green Coffee, Coleus Forskohlii, OB-X, vitamins D and E, zinc and chromium. Contains caffeine.

  • Lipograsil Maxblock 5 En 1 120 Capsules

    Food supplement that helps to facilitate weight loss in slimming diets. 5 in 1 action: Blocks fats. Blocks sugars and carbohydrates. Reduces calorie absorption. Reduces appetite. Rebalances intestinal flora. Its main ingredient is natural fibres that bind to fats and facilitate their elimination, preventing the accumulation of calories.

  • Ns Adelmed 60 Capsules

    Adelmed by Cinfa in capsules is a food supplement indicated for weight loss and obesity prevention. It is composed of natural fibres, which are released in the stomach and form a network of fibres that capture sugars and fats from food. It satiates and reduces the feeling of hunger. Captures calories, sugars and fats.

  • Xls Medical Pro-7 90 Pineapple Flavour Sticks

    Food supplement with fat-burning action to help you reduce fat and improve your body mass index (BMI). Improves intestinal flora and slims your body. Helps increase the feeling of satiety. Lose up to 5 times more weight than dieting alone.

  • Xls Nutrition Pro-7 Fat Burning Shake 400G

    Vanilla-lemon flavoured meal replacement shake that helps you lose weight and burn fat. Contains Guarana which contributes to fat metabolism, which in turn helps to control weight. Magnesium which helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue and B vitamins including B12 which contributes to normal energy metabolism.

  • XLS Medical Pro 7 180 Capsules

    Food supplement for body fat loss. Contains Okranol, a unique patented natural fibre complex that binds to dietary fats Reduces body weight and the amount of existing body fat Helps you lose up to 5 times more weight compared to dieting alone.


Showing 1 - 12 of 13 items