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  • Martiderm Oral Anti Hair-Loss 60 Capsules

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    Both men and women tend to lose thickness and quantity of hair with age. This type of baldness is not usually caused by a disease and is related to ageing, heredity and changes in the hormone testosterone. Martiderm Hair Loss Oral Hair Stimulation is a treatment especially indicated for people suffering from capillary fragility, hair loss and nail...

  • Pilexil Forte 2x100 Capsules

    Pilexil Forte is a nutricosmetic supplement indicated to strengthen the quality and density of hair thanks to its composition of saw palmetto, L-Cystine and nutritional vitamins. 

  • Priorin 60 Capsules

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    Priorin ® capsules falling is a dietary supplement formulated from extract of millet, wheat germ oil, L-cistina and vitamin B5.

  • Complidermol 5Alfa 60 Capsules

    Complidermol 5Alfa 60 Capsules, To maintain healthy hair, it is essential to balanced supply of a number of substances that usually should be ingested in the diet, but occasionally require an external supply to meet the recommended daily dose.

  • Pilexil 2x100 Caps

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    Pilexil in capsules is a food supplement prepared for hair care with ingredients such as Biotin and Zinc, which contribute to the maintenance of hair in normal conditions.

  • Vigorix Fe 90 Capsules

    Vigorix Fe is a food supplement with a balanced and specific combination of iron (Tricofer®), biotin and L-cystine, useful for the adequate supply of these nutrients in cases of insufficient intakes or due to an increase in the body's needs.

  • Isdin Lambdapil Hairdensity 180 Capsules

    Isdin's Lambdapil Hairdensity capsules provide the nutrients necessary to recover the usual volume and density of our hair as well as strong and resistant nails. This food supplement contains Vitamin C and 6, ProDensity Complex (Biotin + L-Cystine + Copper), Silicon, Iron and Zinc. Vitamin C provides antioxidant action and helps to bind iron. The...

  • Isdin Lambdapil Anti Hair Loss 180 Capsules

    Food supplement for hair loss and maintaining healthy hair. Helps maintain healthy hair thanks to L-Cystine (amino acid that forms part of the hair structure), Taurine, Silicon, Zinc and Biotin. Helps prevent hair follicle regression and contributes to reducing sebaceous secretion thanks to Serenoa Repens. Contributes to the synthesis of proteins such as...

  • Complidermol 5Alfa Plus 60 Capsules

    Es un suplemento con una composición diseñada específicamente para evitar y frenar la caída del cabello tanto en hombres como en mujeres. Su fórmula rica en activos y minerales fortalece el cabello desde la raíz a la vez que fomenta la recuperación de la barrera hidrolipídica capilar para un efecto duradero. Se recomienda tomar de 1 o 2 cápsulas al día,...

  • Kneipp Relaxed Skin and Eyes 30 Capsules

    Food supplement that helps maintain the normal functioning of eyesight and skin condition. Contributes to reducing the appearance of fatigued skin, as well as providing vitamins that help maintain eyesight, protect skin cells from oxidation and help the formation of collagen in the skin.

  • Martiderm Hair System 28 Ampoules Anti-Aging 3Ml+ Anti-Aging Shampoo 200Ml

    Martiderm Hair System Anti-Hair Loss Pack helps to stop hair loss, stimulate growth and strengthen and redensify hair fibres. The pack includes the 200 ml anti-ageing anti-hair loss shampoo for frequent use that fights against hair ageing and also 28 units of anti-hair loss ampoules whose innovative biotechnological formula includes 3 growth factors to...


Showing 1 - 12 of 14 items