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  • Xerolacer Topical Gel 50Ml

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    XeroLacer is a mouthwash for daily use that has been specially designed to care for dry mouth (xerostomia). Its complete formula relieves the sensation of dry mouth, refreshes the mouth, remineralizes tooth enamel and strengthens gums while preventing the onset of oral disorders caused by reduced saliva.

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  • Xerolacer toothpaste 125ml

    The use of Xerolacer Toothpaste alleviates dry mouth problems. Dry mouth is characterized by the reduced production of saliva. This phenomenon can cause other derived conditions like gums bleeding, halitosis, gums inflammation, and an increase in the risk of caries. This dryness can be caused by stress, the consumption of certain medications and some...

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  • Xerosdentaid Toothpaste 75Ml

    Xeros Dentaid colutorio is a daily use mouthwash that hydrates the oral cavity and is specifically indicated for people with dry mouth, or xerostomia. Use of the mouthwash after brushing relieves dry mouth and balances salivary flow, helping to remove food debris and keeping the mouth lubricated. It also prevents the formation of caries and bad breath,...

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items