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  • Meritene Junior Chocolate 2x1 Duplo 30 Sachets

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    Batido Chocolate Junior from Meritene is a powdered food that contains all the energy in a delicious shake with milk proteins, vitamins and minerals. Batido Chocolate Junior is easy to prepare mixed in your glass of milk. For any time of the day. It is recommended to pour into 200 ml of milk, from 3 years 1/2 sachet, from 5 years 1 sachet and from 9 years...

  • Optiben Dry Eye Drops Dry Eye 10Ml

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    Ophthalmological eye drops with a restorative and protective action that helps to relieve dry eyes for a long period of time. It protects and moisturises, as it is enriched with plant extracts that act against symptoms such as the sensation of grit or the feeling of having a foreign body in the eye. These discomforts are typical of dry eyes and are caused...

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  • Produo Daily Care 30 Capsules

    Produo Daily CARE is a supplement for the maintenance and regeneration of the intestinal flora with a composition based on micro-organisms, Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria. Produo Daily CARE also strengthens the immune system thanks to the inclusion of antioxidant and strengthening vitamin C, which supports the normal function of the immune system.

  • Neostrata Resurface High Potency R SerumGel 50 Ml

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    Formulated with AHAs (Glycolic Acid and Citric Acid) and Retinol, a combination of active ingredients with the highest potency against photoaging (due to sun exposure). In addition, its innovative Antioxidant and Anti-glycation System helps to reduce the effects of intrinsic ageing (due to the passage of time).

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Showing 1 - 12 of 1441 items