Circulatory disorders

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  • Aquilea Light Legs Gel 100 Ml

    Aquilea Light Legs Gel 100ml specially formulated to immediately boost circulation. Provides comfort to tired legs. With Phythosome® Technology for greater absorption of the active ingredients, when applied topically, leaving the skin fresh and soft.

  • Epaplus Arthicare Intensive Crema De Masaje Deportivo  75 Ml
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    Epaplus Arthicare Intensive Sports Massage Cream 75ml

    Epaplus Arthicare Intensive Massage Cream 75 ml  is formulated with a combination of anti-inflammatory and refreshing active ingredients that relieve muscle pain and provide a feeling of comfort.

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  • Venok 450 Mg 30 Capsules

    For tired, swollen or poorly circulating legs, this herbal supplement improves venous return and the fragility of the capillaries that form them. It also treats haemorrhoids.

  • Aquilea Hemorrhoids 30Ml

    Aquilea Hemorrhoids is a medical product indicated for the treatment of the symptoms (pain and itching) of hemorrhoids, both internal and external, also promoting the normalization and repair of the anal and perianal mucosa.

  • Aquilea Light Legs Spray 150Ml

    It favours and activates the cutaneous microcirculation helping to reduce heaviness and fatigue in the legs, providing a feeling of relief and rest in tired legs, a situation that occurs, for example, when working for many hours standing or sitting in the same position or in the case of pregnancy.

  • Emoflon Rectal Ointment 25 G

    Emoflon Rectal Ointment 25G is a rectal ointment recommended for the treatment of symptoms related to haemorrhoidal disease and its complications, such as eczema, anal fissure, etc. This product covers and protects the epidermis; it soothes inflamed and itchy skin, thus promoting skin regeneration.

  • Venorrectal 50 G

    Venorectal is used to relieve the symptoms that accompany the appearance of haemorrhoids, such as irritation, itching, burning or discharge in the anal area. At the same time, it reduces the swelling that occurs in inflammatory processes and facilitates wound healing.

  • SV Circuactiv Light Legs Gel 150Ml

    Circuactiv gel by Santé verté promotes and activates the micro-circulation of the legs, thanks to its natural ingredients, it promotes the micro-circulation of the legs, relieves leg heaviness and has a refreshing effect.


Showing 1 - 12 of 15 items