Priorin Duplo 2x60 Capsules

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Manufacturer: Priorin

Priorin® Anti-Hair Loss Capsules is a food supplement formulated with Millet Extract, Wheat Germ Oil, L-Cystine and Vitamin B5. Duplo 2 boxes (120 units)

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Priorin Duplo 2x60 Capsules


What is Priorin ® capsules?

Priorin ® capsules falling is a dietary supplement formulated from extract of millet, wheat germ oil, L-cistina and vitamin B5, which give your hair nutrients to strengthen it from the root and promoting the growth of a healthy and strong hair.

It is composed based on natural ingredients, so you can take the capsules with total security.

In addition, they do not contain lactose and are well tolerated, being suitable even for people with diabetes.

Priorin ® provides the necessary nutrients acting directly in the interior of a the root of the hair, is in the center of the growth of the hair (follicle bulb), favoring the formation and growth of a healthy and strong hair.

Its exclusive and innovative formula 3Activ makes an effective solution against hair falling Priorin ® capsules falling. Find out more about the formula in our section "do you know its exclusive formula?"

At Bayer we take our commitment to efficiency very seriously because the consumer satisfaction is the key to our success, why Priorin ® capsules with dermatological studies with over 1600 women (1), of which93% claims Priorin ® capsules is an effective solution and 90%, shows improvement in their hair when tested treatment.

The improvements that are perceived are:

Lower fall
More brightness
More volume
Hair strong and robust

(1) Source: MediadataGMbH, Konstanz, April 2004. N = 1,631 women. These data exclude abstentions by responses


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