Lierac Premium The Cure 30Ml

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Manufacturer: Lierac

A new treatment that helps combat accelerated aging of the skin.

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Lierac Premium La Cura 30Ml

Youth Injection 28 days

A new treatment that helps combat accelerated aging of the skin.

Benefiting from the latest advances in regenerative medicine, The Absolute Anti-Aging Cure contains an original and innovative complex that focuses on the phenomenon of accelerated skin senescence. It combines hexapeptide-FX, a highly concentrated FOXO-like active ingredient that regenerates skin tissue, with GDF-11 technology, which is capable of stimulating the action of the GDF-11 protein that is responsible for cell rejuvenation. The number of young cells increases as the number of stem cells decreases. As the days go by, the signs of stress are removed from the skin, which regenerates to give a visibly younger face in just 28 days.

Its revolutionary formula was developed in conjunction with Harvard University to give an active texture with thousands of microcapsules in suspension, offering a restorative effect and a surprising cascade of sensations, where freshness meets comfort. Its characteristic fragrance releases subtle notes of jasmine, iris and musk. The skin is instantly comforted and refreshed, and appears smoother and more rested.

How to use

Apply morning and evening to the face before your usual skin care cream. Cure for 28 days, one to three times a year.


Main ingredients


An innovative, high-performance duo of active ingredients is combined with the key active ingredients in the Premium range for the most comprehensive anti-aging action.

Hexapeptide FX: Intense regeneration:
reproduces the action of FOXO (Immortality Protein)
Restores optimal stem cell operation to relaunch regeneration in the epidermis and dermis = more young cells

GDF-11 technology - intense regeneration:
stimulation of GDF-11 synthesis (youth protein)
Rejuvenates senescent cells to give them the characteristics of young cells and restore their ability to repair themselves = fewer old cells

Complementary active ingredients:

  • Revitalizing Niacinamide (energy booster)
  • Black antioxidant flowers
  • hyalu-3 anti-aging concentrate