Dermatix Silicone Gel for Scar Reduction 15 G

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Manufacturer: Dermatix

Dermatix Silicone Gel for Scar Reduction 15 G,

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Dermatix Silicone Gel for Scar Reduction 15 G, is the advanced topical Silicone Gel, used to help prevent scars in freshly healed wounds and also reduce prominent immature scars. It is clinically tested and proven to soften, flatten and smooth scars, and relieve the itching, pain and discomfort associated with them.

Dermatix® is easily applied to most areas of the body, including the face, joints and other parts of the skin. It is supplied in a 15g tube and can be obtained with or without a prescription. A 60 g tube is also available for those who have larger scars.

The benefits of Dermatix Silicone Gel

  • Quick drying, convenient and easy to use
  • Transparent and discreet
  • Indicated for the use by children and patients with larger scars or someone who has undergone a skin graft operation or suffered a burn, who will be at a higher risk of scarring
  • Maintains the skin's moisture balance
  • Provides elastic protection to the skin
  • Ideal for most parts of the skin, including the face and joints
  • No maceration
  • Make-up can be used over Dermatix Gel to cover the scar

How Dermatix Works:


Silicone gel sheeting is the choice of plastic surgeons worldwide. A publication by the International Advisory Panel on Scar Management, a group of skin specialists, recommended the use of Silicone Gel sheeting for the treatment of a wide variety of scars. Dermatologists and plastic surgeons have used Silicone Gel sheeting as an effective treatment for scars for many years.

Unlike other scar treatments, Dermatix products can be applied to all areas of the skin, including the face, joints and flexures. This gives you a choice of treatment options.


Several aspects of mechanisms 
For silicone, several mechanisms of action have been proposed in relation to scar management. However, the exact mechanism of action by which Silicone Gel works is still unknown.

Many have agreed that it acts at the stratum corneum (the uppermost layer of the epidermis), which reduces evaporation and restore homeostasis. A group of publications have also demonstrated the in-vitro, positive effect of silicone over growth factors and collagen concentration.



How to Use Dermatix Silicone Gel


Dermatix gel is very simple to apply and should be used at least twice a day:

Clean the area to be treated with mild soap and water, pat dry.

Cut the tip of the tube. Apply a very thin coat of Dermatix® Gel on the scar immediately after the wound has healed and rub it in.

Allow to dry for 4 – 5 minutes. If the gel has not dried, remove the excess product.